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The NIYA Convening in Florida- Make it Happen!

Greetings Florida folks!

I hope that this message finds you well! I am reaching out to you in hopes of finding solid support for the work I know you believe in. The National Immigrant Youth Alliance has been a platform for undocumented youth to come out, organize, and mobilize their communities. In the last two years, the NIYA has seen the involvement of parents grow and strengthen within our organizational members.  All of this has been possible because of people that have donated their time and energy; without receiving a single penny for their work. As we have said in the past, all of our work is volunteer run.

 Most recently two organizers risked their own deportation in order to infiltrate the Broward transitional Center here in South Florida; to organize by collecting stories and information from the inside, then pushing out this information to organizers on the outside. Many of the low-priority cases found involve people with no criminal records who had been detained for several months without access to basic medical care. With Obama’s new announcement, our work has increased tremendously, and so has our need to inform our community of these new announcements.

However, we must continue to mobilize and strengthen our community. From October 5th to the 7th, National Immigrant Youth Alliance is going to have our annual convening in Lake Worth, FL. We have done a lot this year, and the need to reflect, regroup,and re-energize is much needed. This mass mobilization involves the presentation of our members from all across the country. It is our opportunity to stand together in the face of a rising tide of anti-immigrant sentiment, and to express the change we desire in a national election year.

As of now, we have over 100 members confirmed to come to the convening. We are trying to make the cut for housing, food, and our work space; our finally goal to reach is $5,000. Your support is what helps us grow and strengthen as an alliance. Please consider making a donation to help make this convening a reality! Just visit my page at: http://radym.chipin.com/florida-niya-convening

Every bit helps-  If you are unable to contribute pls share widely!




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